Validity of the Reading the Mind in the Eyes Test in a Brazilian Sample

Fabiano Koich Miguel, Raissa Barquete Caramanico, Eduardo Yudi Huss and Ana Carolina Zuanazzi

The Reading the Mind in the Eyes Test (RMET) is internationally used to assess emotional perception, but there are few validity studies with Brazilian samples. The test was answered by 1440 participants, along with the Computerized Test of Primary Emotions Perception (PEP), and abstract (AR) and verbal reasoning (VR) tasks. RMET items were studied with Rasch model. Results indicate that its items are concentrated at a lower level of difficulty, lacking difficult items to assess higher levels of emotional perception. Both RMET and PEP showed significant correlations with AR and VR, corroborating other studies showing emotional perception is related to other types of intelligence. However the correlation between RMET and PEP was lower than expected (r = .43), suggesting perception of emotions in the eyes is only partially related to perception in the whole face. Artigo original publicado em Paidéia (Ribeirão Preto) Link:

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